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Press conference February 04, 2019 18: 30

Press conference
February 04, 2019 18: 30h
1300 Ste-Marguerite Street Trois-Rivières

Launch ZINES

Texts of the press conference:
Press Conference of February 4, 2019
ZINES Launch: Why A Zine?
We often forget that the experiences of some can help others.
It is also possible to draw the positive from any experience to advance and grow.

Always in the perspective of innovating to prevent disappearances, runaways and kidnappings, the Cédrika Provencher Foundation incorporates into its literary collection “Cédrika’s Wink” of the “Cédrika Kit”, a new means of communication at least unusual, the “ZINE”.

The Cédrika Foundation considers a real advantage to know the experiences of a variety of people, young children, teens, parents, elders, in short: sir and madam everyone. This allows anyone who wants to, to be able to get the best and the best of any situation.

We offer the opportunity to use a different forum that allows everyone to verbalize good or bad personal experiences, to express ideas, to share opinions and even to make suggestions to improve the safety of our children and better protect.

It will also be possible for you, regardless of your age, to use this method of communication from a mutual assistance perspective, to propose new instructions, methods or methods that can help prevent the abduction of children, disappearances and the fugues. It is a matter of “PreSeeing” and thus avoid risky situations and traps of any abuser, aggressor or predator before he makes new victims.